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A part of Wealden Psychology Institute, Wealden Press publishes the works of Joanna Beazley Richards. Wealden Press also has a number of other books for sale, including some original editions of Eric Berne’s work. Please contact us using the enquiry form for information or to purchase a copy.

Books by Joanna Beazley Richards, with illustrations by Joanna and Caroline Sharpe:

  • Who? Me – an exploration of the sense of self (1996)
  • Coming To Life. This is a book about living inside-out – about listening increasingly to what you want in the very core of yourself, and allowing that part to guide you.
  • Spoil Sport – how to defeat the spoil sport in your head
  • Annie lost her hat (2017) – a book for little ones

Other books for sale include:

  • TA Today by Stewart and Joines, second edition
  • Personality Adaptations by Joines and Stewart

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