Wealden College of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is broadly humanistic and we believe that all techniques and theories are limited and should never be used in ways that avoid or distort contactful relationship between client and counsellor or therapist.

  • Individuals are worthy of respect, acceptance and understanding because they are human.
  • People are responsible for the decisions they make, how they think, feel and behave and can change these decisions.
  • People are responsible for making their own meanings and for their beliefs about themselves and others.
  • People are experts on themselves.
  • People have a tendency to seek self-actualisation (to realise their own potential).
  • Behaviour is functional, or at one time was functional, even if it now seems not to be.
  • Ownership of positive goals will enable people to work towards them more energetically.

These values and goals are embedded in all our training programmes and are reflected in their content and structure and in the kind of people who are tutors.


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