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Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Training (please note that our TA training programme comes to an end in July 2021 – we are no longer recruiting new students for the full training, however, there are places available for anyone having completed three years’ training elsewhere, and wishing to complete their four years’ training over the period October 2020 to July 2021.)

Transactional Analysis was founded by Dr. Eric Berne – a brilliantly innovative and creative thinker who brought together some of the most effective ideas in psychotherapy (analytic, cognitive behavioural, phenomenological) into a powerful body of theory and practice.

Arguably his most significant contribution was that he sought to demystify psychotherapy and used concepts, language and methods which were understandable to all.  He developed theories which have both simple immediacy and subtle depth.

Transactional Analysis offers us a way of understanding personality, behaviour and relationships.  It has an integrative approach in the humanistic tradition – its practice firmly grounded in the respectful therapeutic relationship.

The first step in TA training is the two day TA 101 course, which is an internationally recognised qualification. The TA 101 is also often done as a stand-alone course for understanding self and others, and gives tools which are invaluable in understanding how relationships can go wrong and how to improve how we interact with those around us.  Click here for details.

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Training Course
Recognized by: UKATA, EATA, ITAA and UKCP

This four year, part time course is made up of:

  • Foundation Certificate year (20 training days over the academic year);
  • Three further years of TA Clinical training (60 training days over the three years)
  • On successful completion of the four years training, students enter the exam prep phase as they prepare for their Certified Transactional Analyst examination.

Transactional Analysis Clinical Psychotherapy Training (three years)

Training recognised by UKATA, ITAA,  EATA and UKCP

This three year training builds on the TA Foundation year training and offers a comprehensive professional training in psychotherapy, using Transactional Analysis as the major modality.  It is designed to enable participants to prepare for examination as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). Successful completion of the CTA examination leads to accreditation by the UKCP as a TA Psychotherapist.

Course duration: the TA Training course runs over the four years as stated above, part time, twenty days per year either ten weekends or twenty Mondays, so eighty days training over four years. These four years are made up of the Foundation year, followed by three Clinical years.

For further details and breakdown of course fees, please refer to our online Course Prospectus, by clicking here.

The course meets the training standards for those wishing to become internationally accredited as Transactional Analysts, and is recognised by the United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis (UK Organisation), the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), the European Transactional Analysis Association (EATA) and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

The training is designed for people who hold a relevant degree, such as psychology or sociology or for those with qualifications in one of the helping professions or equivalent.

For the Wealden Institute TA Training Handbook and other useful resources for students, please click here .

A simplified chart showing the progression of  training and possible interim qualifications can be found by clicking here.

Details of the TA Training, including course fees, can also be found in our prospectus.

Selection to the course is via application and selection interview.

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Click here to go to the United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis website.

To contact Wealden Institute, phone: 01892 655 195 or click here to email the admin department.

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