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Resources for TA students at Wealden Institute

The TA Student handbook is available in pdf format. Please note that we are in the process of upgrading the handbook in order to make it more user friendly, in particular by enhancing the index, and by using hyperlinks to allow the reader to go quickly to any chosen section without having to scroll down the document. We hope this is helpful; any feedback from students is always welcome.

TA Student Handbook (PDF)

TA Professional Development Group (PDG) – this group offers ongoing support to TA students who have completed their training, or are nearing completion, and in the preparation stage for the Oral Presentation part of the UKATA Diploma. It is open to TA students from any training establishment, and the hours may be logged as advanced TA training or TA supervision. Click here for a flyer and more information on how to apply.

CTA Exam Prep Group – this group meets 12 times per year monthly on Saturday mornings and is for anyone wishing to focus specifically on their preparation for the EATA CTA exam – click here for the flyer.

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